Self Priming FIP Pumps

Albin Pump Marine flexible impeller pumps are designed to handle most commercial and pleasure boats needs for raw water applications. The self-priming ability makes FIP pumps being the right choice for engine cooling, bilge pumping and deck wash. The pumps have a long life due to the heavy duty design and ensure correct cooling flow with Albin Pump Marine premium Impellers.

SKU: 05-59-036 Coil 12V
SKU: 05-59-037 Coil 24V
SKU: 05-63-053 Vacuum Switch FIP
SKU: 05-69-033 Vacuum Valve 12mm 1/2"
SKU: 05-69-034 Vacuum Valve 16mm 5/8"
SKU: 05-69-035 Vacuum Valve 19mm 3/4"
SKU: 05-69-036 Vacuum Valve 22mm 7/8"
SKU: 05-69-037 Vacuum Valve 25mm 1"
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